students on sidewalk next to cart

The staff and students in Mrs. Silver’s multiple disabilities class have made quite the splash this year!   Specially Brewed Coffee (SBC), which started as a small coffee delivery service right here at Yowell Elementary, is quickly becoming a more and more prosperous venture for Mrs. Silver and her crew.  

Each Friday morning after the beginning bell, Mrs. Silver’s class gets right to work.  They brew hot coffee, and hot chocolate.  They mix iced beverages, and dole out doughnuts, bagels, packets of cream cheese and the occasional danish.  Once everything is prepared, they make their rounds throughout the school collecting their hard-earned money and happily passing out the delicious breakfast delights.  Usually serving twenty people or so each Friday morning, the team celebrates each week’s success.

When Mrs. Fiscus tasked the Specially Brewed Coffee team with serving all of the staff members for Teacher Appreciation Week, the group rose to the occasion.  Everyone was treated to a breakfast drink and treat, and while the treats were delicious, the service was impeccable.  

Not only are Mrs. Silver’s students serving up snacks and smiles, but they are applying life skills that they’ve learned in the classroom.  The class took the profits made from this venture to Chick-fil-A.  While there, they practiced ordering from the counter and paying for their purchase. 

Another large project that the team has taken on is a drive-thru version of their services. Local friends and neighbors were invited to “drive-thru” Yowell’s drop off loop and grab a coffee and doughnut to go!  The students happily greeted each car, and conducted the business transactions like old pros!  Kathy Garrett, retired first grade teacher said “she probably liked the experience as much as the kids did”.  Lilo Wolfe, retired gifted specialist said “I loved seeing the students and the coffee and doughnut were delicious! I hope they enjoy Chick Fil A as much as I enjoyed the fundraiser!”

This week, on Wednesday, May 17, the students took their business on the road to bring SBC to the CCPS Central Office.  No matter what the future holds, we can say one thing for sure, it has been a pleasure watching these young entrepreneurs get down to business.