Parent Teacher Committee

The goal of the new PTC group is to create an opportunity and open environment for
parents and school staff to work together to discuss ideas for after-school activities aimed at 
encouraging parent involvement and strengthening the home/school relationship. In addition, 
the committee will determine school fundraisers, help establish activities’ chairpersons and vote 
on the disbursement of funds as requests arise.

Meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings typically begin at 

6:00, however we are going to try different times this year to accomodate parents with different schedules.

Please see below for more information. All meetings are held in the art room. Anyone interested in attending the meetings is welcome and participation is encouraged. If anyone has agenda items they want to add, please submit them to administration a week in advance. Reminders of the meetings will be included in the Monday Message the week before.